We like to think of ourselves as a Freedom Curator.

What does that mean??

It means that we’re here to gather and share ideas & concepts that will help you to realise your potential. This simple site aims to help you chase your dreams. To encourage you to consider other paths when you were guided – or forced – down a particular career path because that is just “the sensible thing to do“.

Nothing wrong with having a job, mind you.

Many, many jobs and careers are fulfilling. Many aren’t. And if you feel that there’s more you want to be, like a businessman or woman, solopreneur, inventor, writer, startup founder, artist etc, then we’re here to help with that.

And even if all you’re trying to achieve is to have a side hustle cos, let’s face it, inflation is outpacing how much most of us earn in our regular jobs, then this is the place to get ideas and inspiration.

GetOutof9to5.com was set up over 12 years ago, then we went broke, had to pay taxes, got distracted by life… but it turns out the need is still there. So we’re back and building our tribe in the process.

Have fun.

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